Saturday, August 7, 2010

A Political Prisoner on the Constitution

Kevin Innes is a political prisoner who is sitting in a cage over his support of the Liberty Dollar.  The Liberty Dollar was a silver barter system architected by Bernard von NotHaus, who was also arrested.  Kevin is apparently considered a flight risk because he is not a U.S. citizen and has been in jail for over a year, awaiting trial.

The Liberty Dollar was an attempt to have a viable metal-backed currency in parallel with Federal Reserve Notes.  It was a completely peaceful endeavor that I supported as well.  However, the government does not appreciate competition and raided their warehouse and headquarters.  I think the raid event could be considered a good candidate for the "we are now living in a police state" watershed moment.  

Kevin heroically remains in good spirit, and if you'd like to learn more about his story and write to him, go to Mail-to-Jail.

Here is an article he recently wrote:

The Constitution
Eleven score and fourteen years ago the delegates to the Second Continental Congress, at great risk to themselves and all that they had worked for, signed the Declaration of Independence. They could no longer endure the relentless pursuit of absolute tyranny that their central government was striving to attain over them. Their heroic decision unified their efforts and galvanized the sentiments of the people and lead to the formation of the best contract in history between a people and their government: The Constitution of the United States of America.
It had become necessary for them to exert their God-given right to abolish a form of government that had dared to threaten the very reasons for human existence, which includes the right to Life, Liberty, and the Pursuit of Happiness; rights which are incapable of being surrendered. It was time to establish a new government based on those principles, and limited its powers in such a way, that they though would most likely ensure their future safety and happiness. What is the state of the nation and the adherence to the Constitution two hundred and thirty-four years later?
Among those who understand the Constitution, alarm bells have been going off because in recent years there has been a dramatic acceleration in the shift if power into the hands of the federal government and especially in the executive branch. In this same period there has been a dramatic decrease in the teaching of the Constitution in the education system.
But even among those who are less familiar with the Constitution, and its fundamental principle of defining and limiting the power of the federal government, are questioning the wisdom of the gargantuan federal debt and its self-justifying method of growth. Despite burgeoning government, there has been a lack of a corresponding improvement in the standard of living and as a conducive environment to pursue happiness. They wonder: who has been benefitting from bigger and more powerful government?
Before politicians and bureaucrats take action on any issue, it is important to first determine: a) whether that level of government has the specific power to decide in such matters; b) who will benefit and who will be adversely affected in the short and long term; c) what will be the trade-offs in terms of costs and loss of freedoms; d) who will pay for it.
As these point are discussed one should never lose sight of the fact that politicians fight very hard to get elected and then, typically, try to stay in office for as long as possible. To do this they try to make their campaign promises bigger and more convincing than their competitors. Fulfilling these promises in order to get re-elected invariably increases the size, power and cost of government. But beware: the hand that gives is always above the hand that receives. The question is, who is giving and who is receiving?
When it comes to getting an accurate picture of the economy there is much to be cautious about because of the sleight-of-hand employed in the presentation and analysis of statistics for unemployment, inflation rate, consumer price index and gross domestic product, to name a few areas. The fact is, the true measure of the vitality of the nation is the degree to which the minimum standard of the people has improved, and not in the increase in the number of millionaires and billionaires.
The current reality is that the wealthiest one percent of the population receives twenty-three percent of the national income. In recent years manufacturing and customer service and other jobs have been lost to other countries - 2.3 million jobs have been lost to China alone. Most State governments are in severe financial difficulty, as are many of their cities and counties. Millions of people are out of work, bankrupt, homeless or about to lose their home. How many of the 7.5 million people in the jail and prison systems are being punished for reasons related to poverty? Is this the price the people have to pay when government panders to large corporate and banking interests and enthusiastically jumps to help them at every opportunity? Should these companies be protected from their mistakes when they have been extremely lucrative for many years, often with the help of government protectionist policies, for write-offs, etc.? Should the American public foot the bill when a business's lust for wealth has goaded them to risky practices that then back-fire on them?
Imagine how the entire country could improve if the resources being thrown down the drain for waging death and destruction in two major wars could instead be diverted to peaceful programs at home. Most jobs are generated by small and medium sized businesses. there are now billions of dollars being squandered on short-sighted and "what-can-I-promise-you-to-stay-in-office" solutions. The entire country will make a dramatic and positive shift once a critical mass of concerned people participate in active democracy and make sure that the bulk of our resources are allocated to long-term, harmonious development initiatives that raise education levels, are job-rich, improves national self-sufficiency and are environmentally holistic.
Today, would the framers of the Constitution, who risked their lives to create this great nation, say that we needed a new slate of leaders in office who will be less influenced by the power elite and their money? Would they be aghast at how the Constitution has been so perverted by a lust for power that government leaders would have the audacity to permit anything except silver and gold be the legal tender for all debts public and private? That people would be harassed and even jailed for using a uniquely designed silver and gold barter currency, not as legal tender but on a voluntary basis, would be beyond their worst nightmare. If those great men were with us today would they shake their heads and fists in disgust and yell that a major overhaul is long overdue?
The Constitution laid the foundation for the UNited States of America that came to be revered as a paragon or Liberty the world over. That distinction is being sorely questioned today. A return to the Constitution's core principles and government's contract with the people will foster the pride, the integrity, and the boundless vitality of a nation that will thrive because it will be in harmony with itself.
The solution to the great crisis at hand will not be found with the same consciousness that has created the problem. Now is the time for more conscious and visionary men and women to boldly step forward and work together to save their country. With courageous hearts burning with desire for an era of Peace, Prosperity and Liberty for all, victory is assured.

W. Kevin Innes
Lenoir, N.C.
July 4, 2010